Daily Timer, 8A, Plug-In

$ 14.95

OVERVIEW: TrickleStar timers offer a simple to use, high quality, cost effective solution to significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce the amount of vampire power wasted by appliances. Timers are a very effective tool to ensure that appliances are only run at required times, thereby reducing energy consumption and lengthening the lifetime of the appliances they control. Timers are suitable for a wide range of appliances including: water pumps, coffee machines, hot water urns, water coolers, lighting, pool pumps, stand-alone air conditioning units, fans, signage, photocopiers, water heaters, vending machines and heaters. High quality, reasonably priced, installed and configured in minutes, the TrickleStar™ timer range makes saving energy easy and convenient. KEY FEATURES - DAILY TIMER: • Simple to program with a large LCD display • Manual control button • Battery backup - internal rechargeable battery • Outlet with earth / ground • 6 On/Off settings per day • High quality construction • Minimum Switching Resolution = 1 Min. • Random Automatic On/Off (Security) • Max load 8A CARBON OFFSET: Products are provided with a total carbon offset from a certified carbon trading company and are Carbon Neutral